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We’ve moved to Bogota, Colombia!

bogota skyline

I can’t believe I almost thought life would be normal by the time I wrote my next post, and that in the sixth months since my last post so much has changed. This has nothing to do with photography or travel, it’s just an update from then until now.

  • After two months of quarantine (with almost no covid cases in Fairbanks), Jackson went back to daycare.
  • Mike came home!
  • Mike spent a total of 6 weeks in quarantine because of two trips he had to take between then and now. I made him sleep separately and wear a mask in the house (besides after his initial quarantine, I’m not that mean, hehe).
  • I had a handful of amazing clients this summer while wearing a mask.
  • I decided I was sick of the Army not caring about families (understandably, they have other concerns with higher priorities but that doesn’t mean I agree with or like it), and made the decision to go back to school and finally use my GI Bill.
  • I researched tons of programs, applied to a few, and decided to attend the University of Denver’s Environmental Policy and Management Program with a concentration in Energy and Sustainability.
  • Took a few amazing last camping trips in Alaska in our Airstream, and sold it along with our truck. Jackson had his first helicopter ride.
  • Thought we were moving to Lima, Peru, and spent countless hours researching, preparing, in-processing, and listening to the embassy’s updates.
  • The US Embassy in Lima temporarily decided kids weren’t allowed to PCS into Peru because of the collapse of their health care system from COVID along with strict local restrictions on children
  • Scrambled to figure out where we were going to move, from staying in Alaska, to Miami, to Israel, to Chile…
  • Had Friday’s teeth cleaned and removed a mass from her head. It ended up being cancer, but after numerous tests, it had not spread
  • Started and completed my first quarter. It kicked my butt.
  • Sent Friday to Mike’s parents in Texas temporarily until we settled in our new home. Found out she had spleen cancer a few weeks later, and she passed away.
  • Figured out the most complicated PCS eveeeeerrr with Mike having to take a trip in the middle.
  • Upgraded my camera to the new in-high-demand Canon R5.
  • Moved to Bogota Colombia.

We’ve now been here a month and are still figuring things out. I’m not sure what life will be like here yet. I’ll be in school full time and continue my portrait business, but because of COVID, I don’t know how much travel we’ll do. I’m excited about the adventure!

These photos aren’t in any order. I tried for an hour to fix it before I gave up. Sometime’s I feel tech savvy, other times NOT AT ALL. 

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