About Me

aboutI’m a wife, a mom, and I love travel and photography (click here for my photography website)

I’ve been traveling since I can remember, and even before that. My parents took me to Disney world (from Connecticut) when I was six months old. Every year we experienced somewhere new. In high school, I was an exchange student in Khabarovsk, on the edge of Siberia, in the middle of winter.  I was broke, but somehow managed a summer session in Malta during college. 

I met my husband in the Army, and after he was stationed in Germany. When we were just dating, I loved visiting him and traveling in Europe. I was fascinated by the cultures of both Afghanistan and Iraq when I spent a year in each, and couldn’t get to know it as well as I wanted.

Three years after we married we moved to China and traveled almost half of the two years we lived there. Somehow I’m still not sure how the Army sent us to Germany. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have the time to travel as much as we can.

With all this time moving and traveling, I haven’t had a chance to work in my career. I’ve always loved photography. I was that friend that always had a camera in her hand, even before everyone had a smartphone with a camera. I occasionally took photography classes when I had a chance, but never took it seriously until before moving to China. I decided I wanted to be a professional, and have dedicated my time to improving my skills. Even though I’m sure he’s annoyed at times, my husband has been very supportive. I now shoot for Stocksy (https://www.stocksy.com/kim23fly) where you purchase some of my work) and have a portrait business. 

I have learned a ton throughout the years traveling as a photographer. It’s a very enriching way to travel. Some of the most memorable connections I’ve had while traveling have been with other photographers (or photographer supporters like my husband) waiting for sunrise or sunset. 

And now, we have a baby. He’s been a challenge, but he’s surprisingly easier when we travel. We’re now learning how to travel as a family and continue to do what we love, and that includes sharing those experiences. 

I also love taking portraits of newborns and families!! (and yes, that did start with my partially failed attempt at taking my son’s newborn pictures and has grown from there). If you’re interested in a session, check out my work and I would love to hear from you.