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We’re moving!

My family and I are excited to announce we’re moving to . . . . . . . . . . .

Fairbanks, Alaska!

We found out a few months ago but I haven’t really posted it publicly yet, but I figured here was a good place.

I think I cried when we found out. There are many other places I would have preferred to move, and Alaska wasn’t even on my radar. After living four years overseas, I would have liked moving back to the continental USA where we could eat Chipotle and Chick Filet, use American Amazon Prime, and enjoy other conveniences I haven’t had since living overseas. Looks like that won’t happen, but at least I won’t need an interpreter to go to the grocery store.

I do think we will enjoy Alaska. I’m not looking forward to the winter darkness, especially because I know how hard it was dealing with the lack of light in Hamburg, which is nothing compared to where we will be living (52N vs 65N). It also seems like people who love Alaska love the outdoor activities, many of them being difficult to enjoy with a toddler (and eventually another baby).

However, I do think we will enjoy Alaska. It will be a great place to continue my love for landscape photography, and I hear it’s a good community. We won’t be traveling nearly as much, but I have plenty of posts about our previous travels that I have not finished yet. I’ll also be writing more about our life in Fairbanks and photography advice.

Because we’re slightly crazy and understand time off will be difficult during the upcoming years, our family (well, Jackson didn’t really get a say 🙂 ) has decided to spend three weeks in China before the move. We miss Hangzhou and want to introduce Jackson to China, and China to Jackson.

Has anyone lived in Alaska with young kids? Let me know your thoughts!

Iceland picture because I haven’t lived anywhere with snow in a long long time

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