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The Day I got “The Shot”

Sometime in early August 2016

 When you google ‘Norway Photography,’ you’ll most likely first see an image of Reine, on the Lofoten Islands, or nearby. After scrolling through a few of those pictures, you’d probably see a picture of this crazy curvy named Trollstigen, or the English translation, Trolls Ladder.  Mike and I decided early on in our planning that if we were anywhere nearby, we wanted to see this crazy exciting road. Because of the nearby hiking, we ended up deciding to spend three nights just a few miles away. 
Our first visit was gray and rainy. It was exciting to drive up the windy curves, but when we arrived at the top the view was gorgeous, but not a great photograph (I constantly have to remind my husband of this difference). We explored some more up the tourist road and stopped a few times to take more pictures. 
 Trollstigen Photography
 Trollstigen Photography Trollstigen Photography
 Trollstigen Photography Trollstigen Photography
We spent the next day hiking in a different location at sunset. You can read about that here.
The last day we were in the area looked promising. The day was gray and gloomy, with some rain, but I noticed a chance in the forecast of it clearing up right around sunset. Unfortunately, just before sunset, our three-month-old son decided he was going to control that evening’s plan. By the time we left the cabin, the sky contained bright colors reflecting off the nearby clouds and fog. I first tried chasing down a shot with water as a foreground, but unfortunately, I was a little too late and unsure of a good location.
 Trollstigen Photography

 “The” shot

I knew the best photographs I’ve seen of Trollstigen included car lights during ‘blue hour,’ after the sunset, with fog. We had time.  As we made our way up the curvy road and through a layer of thick fog, I had hope. Perhaps the fog was only low, and I could capture looking down on it.  

By the time we reached the top the fog has dissipated. 
I knew how quickly the weather was changing so I decided to be patient and wait out my luck. There was only one other person (a photographer) at the viewpoint; everyone else had already left. I asked how the fog was just minutes before, and the photographer mentioned that it was too much fog, so not great for pictures. Whew, I didn’t arrive just moments too late
Only now and then did a car drive its way down the Trollstigen with its’ lights on. 
I waited and took a few shots.
Suddenly I saw the fog quickly creeping in. I didn’t see any cars coming. Finally, there were two on the road at the same time. I hoped I had my settings right, to capture the fog in motion and the lights for long enough to notice in the picture, but not too much time that you could only barely see the streak of orange. 
 Trollstigen Photography
I did it. 
 Trollstigen Photography

ISO 100, f/16, 25s with ND filter

And then I walked back ten minutes to a screaming baby and worn out but patient husband waiting in the car. Thank you.

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