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The “Almost” Shot

Sometime in August 2016. Andalsnes Norway

The “Almost” shot.

Yep, that describes it well. I almost got the epic shot of a lifetime, but I didn’t. This entire trip to Norway feels like I arrive at the perfect location at the perfect time, just a minute late. Tonight was no exception.

Earlier today it was raining. Mike and I wanted a little down time too, so we stayed in and relaxed. By relaxing I mean just doing laundry and trying to calm the crying baby. We ate an early dinner with the intention of hiking afterward. But, Jackson was sleeping. He never sleeps while not being carried/in the car at this time of night, so I decided not to wake the sleeping baby. He slept for another two hours after dinner.

We started off later than we intended, knowing we didn’t have long for a hike before sunset. It was still cloudy out so I didn’t think I would get anything great, but knew from the forecast there was a slight chance of the sun coming through just before sunset, so I made sure to have all my photography equipment with us. We decided on a ‘short’ 40-minute hike I had read about, not knowing anything to expect. Ten minutes into the supposedly 20-minute drive I realized I forgot my tripod. We lost 20 minutes. There was a toll towards the end (it was random, the first time we’ve seen a toll like this in Norway) for a REALLY crappy road that kept scratching the bottom of our BMW. I don’t think the road was meant for sports cars, but we still drove through. We finally found the start of the hike, but it was already about 10 degrees colder than where we had begun. Mike decided to put the baby in his warm bear suit, and I decided to try the steep path to see if it was suitable for the baby.


 Baby Hiking in Andalsnes Norway Photography

It was barely suitable for the baby. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it wearing him, but Mike was all right. The trail was very steep. I kept stopping and asking Mike if he thought it was OK for him with a baby, but I was only wasting time. I had to put the camera away because it kept banging in front of my body. It was still cloudy, so I wasn’t in any rush.

 Photography in Andalsnes Norway

 Photography in Andalsnes Norway

Until I saw the red. We were almost at the top, and I spotted the fog turning red. Mike quickly reached the top and told me to run. I did! (first time since having baby. Yep, I’ll admit it, I’m that out of shape)

 Photography in Andalsnes Norway


 Photography in Andalsnes Norway

The sun was low on the horizon, in a slight break in the clouds, shining red. There was a lot of clouds and mist in the air, so everything was colorful.

I was so excited; it took me longer than normal to get my tripod up. I knew I didn’t have much time so I quickly tried to get a shot where I was standing, just to witness the magical sunset. Unfortunately, after those few shots,

the sun went below the clouds again. I didn’t have time to reach the view of the valley. I witnessed something amazing, but I was not able to capture in my camera.

And Jackson was crying. It was cold, around 40 degrees. I’m glad he was in his bear suit, but Mike said his cheeks were still freezing. We hiked back down and drove back to our cabin. It was a fantastic night, but not one with an epic shot.

 Photography in Andalsnes Norway

After the red and fog went away

 Photography in Andalsnes Norway

Photography in Andalsnes, Norway

For those of you planning to travel to Norway, the area we’re in now is a must see. It’s only a small section on any of the tourist routes, but it is AMAZING. Not only are there two of the main photographed locations for typical tourists, but it’s also got some of the most fantastic views. There are hikes of every level and useful information about those hikes. It doesn’t feel very touristy, even in the middle of high tourist season. If you like to camp, there are endless options. We stayed at the Trollstigen Resort (cabins), which were in a great location.

Tonight’s hike was at Litlefjellet.  To get here, we had drive east out of Andalsnes for about 2 km, until taking a right on a small road towards Liabyda and Vengedalen. You’ll eventually hit a toll plaza that charges 75 NOK (cash). After this toll, there are a few cabins, but then beyond that, it feels very empty but is breathtaking. After a few kilometers you’ll pass the parking area for the hike to Romsdalseggen ridge, and further you’ll be at Vengedalsvatnet, a small lake with a view to Vengetindene, Romsdalshorn, and the Trollveggen.  Continue on the road, even though it feels like you might not want to keep driving from its terrible condition, until the end. You’ll spot the trail to Litlefjellet from the road.

The entire valley is breathtaking. Photography in Andalsnes Norway is endless. I wish we had more time. 

Do you have a story like this? Have you ever almost got an amazing photograph?



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