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Signs of Spring

The weather here in Hangzhou has been rather depressing lately. Grey, cold and rainy.  The icky weather has given me great excuse to spend at my computer working on this whole photography thing, however, I like being outside! I don’t like being outside when it’s cold and rainy. They constant grey also easily effects my mood, probably like most people – and I don’t like it. Fortunately this past week we had a few sunny days! Even though it was still chilly, the sun made a huge difference. I wasn’t sure how long it would last, I knew I needed to take advantage of it. I had heard plum blossoms were in bloom and that was a perfect excuse to go explore the botanical gardens. I went twice, each visit lasting a few hours.

I love the botanical gardens. The entrance is only about a fifteen minute walk from our apartment, and you can wander for hours without seeing the whole thing.  It’s never too crowded even at its busiest, never like it is at West Lake.  It’s also one of my favorite places to run, however I seem to always get lost in the same area over and over. There is a 10 RMB entrance fee ($1.60) but they don’t collect it after 5PM.

I loved the reflections in this pond. I stayed for awhile, throwing rocks and watching the ripples change the reflection. On these two days, the sky at sunset was beautiful. It was clear and the sky changed colors – rare in Hangzhou.

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