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Hamn, Senja, in Pictures

The Lofoten Islands are only a very small part of beautiful northern Norway. I was inspired to visit Senja based on this picture from one of my favorite landscape photographers.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to get that shot, but those peaks, wow.

We took a ferry from Andenes to Gryllefjord, a short drive from where we were staying.

View from the Ferry

View from the Ferry

Arriving in Gryllefjord

Arriving in Gryllefjord

I immediately wanted to explore when we arrived at our hotel, but Jackson was hungry. I sent Mike out to scout the immediate area.

After his meal, I took some pictures of Mike in his red jacket, wearing Jackson

Mike wearing Jackson

We were all tired that night and the hotel room was amazing, so after dinner, we relaxed in the room. The weather was very cloudy, and I was excited at the idea of resting. Unfortunately/fortunately/whatever you want to call it, I looked out the window and saw red. Relaxation no more! It ended up being one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. There is very minimal color editing on these photographs.

Notice the rainbow in the top left corner?

And then it started raining, and my camera malfunctioned. Time to go to bed. The next day was just a rainy day. We just managed to drive to the grocery store. On the way, there was a lookout, and it was beautiful even in the rain.

We were able to get a short hike the morning we left; the rain had let up.

We could have ventured further, but it was not baby friendly.

Our stay was too short. I will need to go back.

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